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Written by on March 31, 2018

The power of media is that is shapes the cultural narrative. The stories we ingest through television, film, radio, books and newspapers shape our consciousness, they wallpaper the interior of our minds. The stories we hear tell us of what is possible and what is not. We forget that they are just stories, even our history is just that… Stories are biased to serve the aims of the storyteller. We have forgotten to question these stories and have been hearing them for so long that we believe them as truth. A belief is just a thought you keep on thinking, and a thought can be changed. With the emergence of the New Thought movement more and more people are waking up and remembering who they really are. We are being shaken out of the complacency of blind faith and we are beginning to question the beliefs that have been passed down to us from generation to generation.

Why radio? Media is arguably the most potent tool for mass education. For far too long, this powerful technology has been used for the purposes of controlling the masses. Just as it has been prophesied, now is time for us to wake up and rise as a collective consciousness and reclaim our inherent sovereignty as creator beings. The favorable advantage of this modern technological age is that we are no longer dependent on the wealthy few to have access to the resources for mass dissemination of knowledge and information. We now have the ability to create our own content, and thanks to the miraculous invention of the internet, we are able to reach the entire planet instantaneously.

It’s time for us to weave the story of our future, the story of our Now. What will our grandchildren’s grandchildren say when they hear of these times? What would they ask us to do now? Who would they ask us to be?

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