Hip Hop listening party   I interviewed Namid Wolf (@namidwolf), the raw and real af rapping mother who writes about being a queen of this world and falling apart on it, all at the same time.  We listen to her new album Trail Mix and break it down for an hour on Shady Pines Radio, […]

a preliminary introduction to Magic as a framework for investigating our imaginative potential.   click play below to listen

Winter Solstice Midnight Mystics special New Midnight Mystics Winter Solstice special with special guests Antero Alliand musician Bryan Alvarez only on Shady Pines Radio. Antero Alli ( VerticalPool.com )  Between 1975 and 2018, Antero wrote and/or directed numerous experimental theatre works. In 1977, he began developing a paratheatrical medium inspired by the work of […]

Lovely to catch up with my brother Charlie (@C.WatersMusic)   

Melissa Richardson joins the Mystics to discuss what inspires her to help others Ignite Their Light! Follow Melissa @MeliBeWell also: special guest musicians @mosstony, Kesnia Luki and Tete Bero covering an original song by Jacob Collier.

on this episode we are joined by our dodo friend Rhymewave! listen to his excellent raps art https://rhymewave.bandcamp.com we are reviewing episode 5 of the Midnight Gospel

 Zachary had a chance to sit down and sip from the fountain of knowledge that was this beautifully illuminating conversation with Earth Pulse creators and visionaries Dylan Lyon and Holly Clark! AN OPENING NOTE FROM HOLLY… Co-founder and Visionary of Earth Pulse (EarthPulseCollective.Com) ​ ​ We are the creators of our reality, and every […]

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