The power of media is that is shapes the cultural narrative. The stories we ingest through television, film, radio, books and newspapers shape our consciousness, they wallpaper the interior of our minds. The stories we hear tell us of what is possible and what is not. We forget that they are just stories, even our […]

i. All experience is mediated—by the mechanisms of sense perception, mentation, language, etc.—& certainly all art consists of some further mediation of experience. ii. However, mediation takes place by degrees. Some experiences (smell, taste, sexual pleasure, etc.) are less mediated than others (reading a book, looking through a telescope, listening to a record). Some media, […]

by Sophia Rohklin Plants are social creatures. To adapt to their existential conundrum of immobility, they have evolved over 450 million years the art of chemical communication and artful architecture to incite the participation of pollinators, and repel the threat of herbivores. As the great alchemists of planet earth, they draw their source of life […]

In the midst of the darkness, a moon appeared with its brilliance. Stepping down from the clouds, it glanced at me. Like a falcon that hunts a bird and steals it away, it captured me and flew back to infinite space. As I looked for myself, I could not find me, for my body had […]

There are many accounts of psychedelic experiences online and in books, written by people who’ve dabbled or dived into substances from LSD to psilocybin, from peyote to (increasingly these days) ayahuasca. I enjoy reading these reports, which are often very moving in terms of their life-changing power, or impressive in terms of the depth of […]

by OmniFuture/Bryan Alvarez The Vision Quest is a rite of passage that can be found in many cultures around the world. This particular vision quest stems from the Lakota tradition of North America. The vision quest is a powerful prayer that coincides with a number of other ritual practices, including sweat lodges, purification rites, and […]


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