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StarLight Radio

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StarLight Radio is a stream of consciousness from the cosmic-mystical realms of Xi's imagination.  I am taking you on a journey with me as a Grid-Worker, traveling on the whispers of Gaia, discovering her ancient secrets invisible to the non-believing muggle...
Xi EarthStar Healer is a starry-eyed galactic adventurer, celestial-singer and advocate for Love & Magic.  EarthStar is a multi-dimensional healing modality based on energy, love & psychic awareness supported by shamanic song medicine.

My passion in this life is to shift and evolve the health care system through advocating and providing proof in scientific research the efficacy of energetic and natural remedies for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual sickness.  I am a grid-worker and love sharing about the ways we can assist in the consciousness shift on Earth through connecting with the Elemental & Mystical realms of our ‘Imagination’.

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