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Freedom is a channel that delivers divinely guided messages from Spirit with a focus on the Ascension, Building The New Earth, The Divine Masculine & Feminine, Energetic Forecasts and offering tools that assist in navigating what it takes to live a spiritual path. Viewers experience releasing emotional blocks while shifting themselves into a deeper space of love, clarity & freedom.


Freedom Franklin was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in San Diego Ca. She is a mentor, healer, channel, public figure and what some like to call a “modern day shaman” she has been doing professional intuitive readings & life coaching since 2002, she has been a massage therapist since 2012 and owns and operates her own massage business, leads online seminars and transformational group readings/workshops called Freedom Talks as well as weekly Live FB Videos called “Freedom Fridays” in which she channels divinely guided messages from Spirit, that has now grown to have viewers from all over the globe. Participants in any of Freedoms sessions or courses experience real shifts as she goes to the deepest layers of the collectives unresolved limiting beliefs. Freedom’s mission on the planet is to offer assistance through the Ascension process and building The New Earth.

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