The 7 Chakras of Business Development

Written by on November 5, 2018

Growing up I never thought that spirituality and business would ever coincide, especially in my life. Little did I know, not only does spirituality coincide with business, but it is vital for our soul and evolution on the journey of self actualization.

When you make your own job, or someone hires you to do what you love, they say “you’ll never work another day in your life.” However you’re fulfilling your purpose whether in a career or as an entrepreneur, It will always start from the ground up, or as I like to say, “from the brand up,” well according to this diagram, it should honestly be “from the plan up.”





Root Chakra (Muladhara) | The Business Plan

In spirituality your root chakra is where everything begins. When an individual has a healthy root chakra, they are stable, have a vibrant energy and appear healthy. It represents your foundation and groundedness. An overactive root chakra can lead someone to be sluggish and lazy, while an under-active root chakra connotes fear and anxiety.

When starting your business, you’ve got to hit the ground running (or be in the ground, grounding). You need to have a plan, a foundation, stability. This is most likely represented in capital. Whether it comes from savings, a loan, or investors, initial capital is vital for the success and stability of your business. In case of an emergency, for example, if your business doesn’t take off immediately, you need not to be shaken, you need to have a backup plan. Like roots in the ground, you need several avenues you can choose from. How grounded are you now? Even if your business is incredibly successful, anything can happen, Do you have a backup plan?



Navel Chakra (Swadhisthana) | Your Brand

In spirituality the naval chakra is the creative center of the body. It connotes all things joyous, and beautiful, just like your brand! Your brand is the creative part of your business that carries the rest of your chakras through, without a good brand, you won’t be able to get very far in business. Like a bad brand that promotes insecurity, an unbalanced naval chakra enables fear, and oversensitivity. A strong brand is a strong business. And if you’re just starting off, have fun with this, keep your brand balanced and consistent by doing your research on color psychology, and finding yourself some color palettes, We love to use and for logos.

Keeping a distinguishable look across all your platforms and content is essential when branding your content.



Solar Plexus (Manipura) | Marketing

It takes strength, confidence, determination, and will power to put yourself out there. That’s what the solar plexus and marketing have in common. When you have a balanced Solar plexus chakra, these attributes shine through you like the sun this chakra is named after. Marketing is much the same. It takes these traits to become successful, to keep going after the countless no’s, to have will power and determination to hear that yes when you know it’s on its way. However, an unbalanced solar plexus can turn into unethical and unhealthy business practice. When a solar plexus is out of balance, one becomes controlling, competitive, power hungry, or the opposite and feels powerless. One or the other is no good in your body or in business. Know that you have the power to succeed! But don’t let it go to your head! We have a few more chakras to cover until we get there.



Heart (Anahata) | Clients and Customers

What is the love of our lives? Each other! That’s right. The heart of a business is the people that come into your life, or walk through the door as a result of our hard work! And because of the people, our lives and businesses can thrive.

When someone has a balanced heart Chakra, they are able to give and receive love well and without constraint. In business this may appear in the form of a smooth transaction, where you are willing to receive a payment with enthusiasm and ease, and eager to render your services and do the best work you can in return.

With an unhealthy heart chakra, you have unhealthy relationships. A key attribute in harboring healthy relationships in business is to have good communication. Which leads us to our next chakra of business.



Throat (Vishuddha) | Project Management

Whether it is customers you’re dealing with, or clients, it is important to co create strong communication between every party in an operation. A healthy throat chakra enables smooth communication. One way to ensure strong communication in business is to manage your projects with accuracy and ease. Some use google drive, google docs, and email to share and communicate back and forth, but others choose to opt for something more sophisticated in project management in order to avoid loose emails, information lost in threads. Our favorite project manager Basecamp ( allows us to share information in one place, add everyone to our project, have a place to keep a to- do list, and communicate with people about their tasks. However you decide to manage your projects, make sure you stay organized, clear headed, and cultivate clear communication.

When communication goes awry, like the throat chakra, this incites criticism, gossip, not speaking up for an idea, or overpowering others. Watch for these signs in business, and insist on a project managing solution to get everybody on the same page.



Third Eye (Anja) | Business Development

We’re at the head! And on your head you have eyes to see the present, and the third eye chakra located in the center of your forehead which allows you to see the future (or at least visualize the future). The third eye represents intuition, imagination, and direction. You’ve arrived at the third eye after you’ve established a firm foundation in your business. You’ve started up, acquired income and have been able to manage your business and projects, efficiently wisely, and with great care.

The third eye of business is your business development. Now you can ask yourself, where do you want to go? Where do you want to grow? Do you want to expand your horizons, expand your business and assimilate into another market? What is your businesses fullest potential, and how are you going to get there? When you have an unbalanced third eye, you can suffer from lack of focus, and the inability to visualize your future. If your business feels stagnant snd you haven’t grown in a while or at all, it might be time to look for more options. If you want more out of your life and your business, consider hiring a business development consultant like us, Well ‘N Green Digital Marketing ( If you have ideas on how to further your business, and aren’t sure how to implement them, business development consultants are trained and specialized in ways to help businesses grow. They can implement a plan to reach your goals and manage the project and support you through the process along the way. Business Development and visualization are vital in the self actualization of people and your business.



The Crown (Sahasrara) | B-Corp

You’ve made it! You have really made it. You’ve grown your business to its fullest potential. Your profit margins are through the roof, and now you’re wondering what else is there is to do. Well there is one last thing.

The idea of a B-Corp was first proposed in 2006 and gained world wide traction in 2008. Companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Seventh Generation, Etsy, Hootsuite, and tens of thousands of other small and large businesses worldwide are acquiring their B-Corp certifications. Instead of being a for profit businesses like the business culture has been for centuries, the B-Corp certification is transforming what it means to be a business in the 21st century.  B-Corps lead a global movement of “people using business as a force for good”. B Corps meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, legal accountability, and are using the power of business to solve social and environmental issues.

Like the B-Corp, A healthy crown chakra implies a presence of complete peace and wisdom. Not feeling better than others, like an unhealthy crown chakra, but a complete balance of infinite abundance and a desire to give back.

This is the final step in self and business actualization. You’ve made your profit, and now it’s time to pay it forward to your people, your community and the environment.

You can learn more about B- Corps and how to become one at



So that’s it, that’s how to keep your business and body, and business body healthy! Remember to have a strong foundation, be creative, put yourself out there, communicate clearly, and look towards the future to see what you can do for others!

Happy entrepreneurship!

For any questions please contact me.

Aliko Weste

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