Enchanting Shakti – Bound for Beauty

Bound for Beauty

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Enchanting Shakti

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Join Bella and special guests as we embark on a journey to the Heart of the Womb. Each week we will activate to embody one of The Sacred Feminine encodement as we playfully and joyfully uncover the beauty, power and magic of Being Shakti.

Magical Medicine Priestess, Non-conforming Wisdom keeper, Poet, Prophetess, Yogini and Steward of Beauty, Bella Starr is the author of The Secret Shakti Current- soon to be released, and 3 advanced yoga teacher training curriculum based on the Ancient Mystery Schools and the Temples of Beauty. Through radical devotion to Nature and The Goddess Bella inspires us to embody the Sared Feminine encodements as manifestations of The Mother. Specializing in Galactic Soul-ar Weaving Bella utilizes many modalities to assist you in experiencing Beauty’s Rise within every aspect of your life.

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