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Cultural Magick

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My name is Sunflower—more formally I am known by my given name: Alicia Gleason, MS, LMHC. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington, a Medicine Womxn, Artist, & Teacher. My goal as a professional counselor & healer—as a spiritual & human being—is to help people and communities heal trauma so they may live in ways that enable and empower them to be free & happy. It is my mission to help my brothers and sisters of Earth to be empowered free individuals who live life true to themselves & the wisdom of their own hearts. It is my strong belief that we have the ability to heal our shared ancesteral psychological-emotional-cultural traumas & dysfunctional & oppressive systems through healing ourselves as individuals & in community. I see sacred activism as an import way I play my part in helping humanity heal from the traumas we have been enacting on ourselves for thousands of years. It is with eternal optimism that I heal my own traumas & help others heal theirs, so that we may heal the world together and co-create a culture of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, & Balance for all.

Join Jade and Sunflower as we dive into our collective cultural waters to bring awareness to not only what culture really is from the emotional, psychological, sociological, relational ancestral, and metaphysical levels, but to understand what is happening to the collective on a cultural level and how we can be a part of healing it. In this podcast we explore the spiritual nature of reality and culture, and how this applies to our everyday lived experience. We highlight not only why this is relevant but how you can utilize this information to better your own life and the lives of others! Join us and our special guests as we explore these topics and co-create our cultural reality into one of healing, peace, love, unity, respect, responsibility, magick, and balance. Blessed be.

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