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 Hosted by Aleli Estrada IG: BlissBirdRising “The Magic of Gratitude… It’s Not What You Think ” Learn about the Science of Gratitude Join beloved herbalist, teacher and guide, Aleli Estrada, in an exploration of plant medicine, folk healing traditions, shamanism and what it is to be whole. You’re invited into deepening our collective living conversation […]

 Hosted by Dani Bellavita “Medicine of the Matriarchs” with my beloved DreamDance co-creator, co-curator, and co-inspirator, Nina Von Feldmann. I’ll also share a preview of “The Village ABC’s: Building Blocks of Community”, a workshop developed for Metamorphosis Gathering in Costa Rica last year that makes it’s North American premiere at Imagine Music & Arts Festival […]

we’ll be in full swing in early September, but in the mean-time this is what you can come to expect from Lucid Vibe Radio!  

The Fun Show is a radio show on Lucid Vibe Radio starring Kelly Cree and Jessica Mullen. The Fun Show plays on Lucid Vibe Radio on Thursdays at 7:00pm CST. For Season 1 of The Fun Show (8.3.17-10.5.17), we played The Grateful Dead music and discussed philosophy. Listen to The Fun Show episodes here!  

The power of media is that is shapes the cultural narrative. The stories we ingest through television, film, radio, books and newspapers shape our consciousness, they wallpaper the interior of our minds. The stories we hear tell us of what is possible and what is not. We forget that they are just stories, even our […]

i. All experience is mediated—by the mechanisms of sense perception, mentation, language, etc.—& certainly all art consists of some further mediation of experience. ii. However, mediation takes place by degrees. Some experiences (smell, taste, sexual pleasure, etc.) are less mediated than others (reading a book, looking through a telescope, listening to a record). Some media, […]


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