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Written by on July 15, 2020

Zachary had a chance to sit down and sip from the fountain of knowledge that was this beautifully illuminating conversation with Earth Pulse creators and visionaries Dylan Lyon and Holly Clark!

AN OPENING NOTE FROM HOLLY… Co-founder and Visionary of Earth Pulse (EarthPulseCollective.Com) ​ ​ We are the creators of our reality, and every single reality that you can possibly imagine exists. We are currently being presented a great opportunity to shift into a new reality. A new plane of consciousness. A new world. And it’s up to each one of us if we want to step into this world or not. Not everyone is going to step into a new world together, but there are those who are ready for it and we are here to assist anyone who wants to shift into the dimension of loving kindness and light.

The shift requires a vibrational shift in your state of being. Your state of being is basically your ticket into the new world of your choice, and so where do you want to go to?

If you are still harboring resentment, or fear, or unworthiness you will shift into a plane of consciousness where you will get to keep facing those things. And that will be your evolutionary path. If you have already worked those things out within yourself, you will be shifting into a plane of consciousness where those things no longer exist. It is not unkind to make this choice and you wont be leaving anyone behind.

Earth Pulse is somewhere you can come to work those core issues out, giving you access to shifting into a higher dimensional plane. Which, because of the beauty of the universal design, makes it easier and easier for others to make the choice to shift as well…if they want to.
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