Mystic Science with the Shamanaad Tribe

Written by on November 22, 2018


Mystic Science speaks with the Shamanaad Tribe, is a husband wife team that combines native Amazonian music with ancient Kundalini practices.

The episode will feature a sound bath, a lively discussion about mysticism and how to bring it into the world, and a ton of laughter.

Together we explore the unknown depths of mysticism from a scientific point of view. We sit down with renowned authors, artists, innovators, engineers, scientists, shamans, and more and contemplate the intersections between mysticism and science. Join in the conversation, share your experiences and ideas, and let's illuminate the darkness. Indy Rishi Singh is a wellbeing engineer, integrating Eastern and Western modalities of health and science to learn the secrets of long life, happiness and personal evolution. He has studied with accomplished psychiatrists, yogis, scientists, Gurus, academic researchers, shamans, and renowned storytellers. He runs a think tank, , and facilitates workshops and retreats at the Butterfly Villa in Woodside, CA ( ). Travel with him at and discover yoga, meditations from around the world, and volunteer with successful non-profits.

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