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Present and Revealed

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Heidi and Beth Ann invite listeners to join their informal, open and revealed discussions about everything under the central sun. Nothing is off limits during this one hour a week open dialogue. They will chat about relationships, healing, trauma, parenting, health, being human, being non-human, nutrition, energy updates and so much more. With pop-in special guests and an open format, anything can happen!

Beth Ann is an Intuitive Quantum Energy Healer, artist and cosmic wanderer who enjoys sharing, learning and conversing with others about this wacky experience we call being human, the spiritual journey, remembering and evolving into our best integrated Self. You can find her at Heidi is a yoga trapeze instructor, life and wellness coach, massage therapist and energy healer who enjoys the unfolding adventures of life with her twin daughters and partner. You can find her at or We are friends, facilitators and peers who love to share our individual points of perspective with each other! We invite you to join our revealed conversations about Anything and Everything!

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