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Actions Speaks Media brings you grass roots, unbiased information about current events happening around the country. We focus on Sustainability, Community, Activism, and Humanitarianism. We bring your stories from the people by the people. Keep updated on new breakthroughs in sustainability as well as up to date information on activism movement from around America. We will also go in depth and on the ground level in stories weekly.


I am a documentarian. My roots going back to my job as a newspaper photographer in College in Iowa City, Iowa. Now I live in Fort Collins, Colorado with a passion for traveling and for sharing the lives of the people. I give a platform for people to communicate to one another on a mass scale, as well as stay updated on the grassroots movements of the people. Unbiased. Unpolitical. Actions Speak Media gives up to date information and goes in depth on the stories you care about most.

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