“A Revolution without dancing is not a Revolution worth having.” International beat weaver, poet, and vocalist; AppleCat was raised on the West Coast of Canada, she specializes in Deep Dubstep, Fairytale Bass, Trap, World, and IDM.

Music has been her number one passion since they day she was born. On the dancefloor she creates and invites a collective mystical and primal underworld dance – stating that her intention is to ” have us all come out the other side moved in some way – the kind of movement that is far beyond solely somatic.” Poetry and grace, mixed with live mashup, reworking, blending cinematic cosmic sound, with carnal dark bass – AppleCat’s sets bend the perception of “genre” and have her special flavour “je ne sais quoi.”

AppleCat is also the focus of a feature documentary about women in electronic music ‘Amplify Her’, released worldwide in 2017.

What’s next for this Sassy Fruity Feline? This is only the beginning.

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